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The Next Big Thing

12 November 1984
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Everything you read here is what i'm thinking WHEN i'm thinking it. If this journal some how offends or changes your opinion of me well.. what can i do life goes on with or without you. I am open (sometimes very) and i say what i percieve as right (i know it's not always the case) so respect that. If you somehow feel the need to criticize at least do it to my face. Or create your own journal if you have the guts. Everyone else enjoy your stay =0)

80's, anti-style, aqua teen, aqua teen hunger force, art, as i lay dying, ass, bayonne, being compulsive, being myself, being there, being used, best friends, biting, books, canned peaches, cards, caring, cartoons, chappelle show, clothes, coheed and cambria, cold, college, columbians, combichrist, comedy, concerts, conventions, cookies, curly hair, deftones, depeche mode, drawing, dreams, drinking, e town concrete, early november, emo, emotions, eyes, faces, family guy, feeling, finch, finding friends, finger eleven, from autmn to ashes, fucking, fucking around, fun, geek rap, geeks, girls, glassjaw, good times, grendel, hardcore, hate breed, hip hop, history, horror, hugging, ill nino, images, industrial, internet, jersey bands, jersey city, jokes, keepsake, kissing, kmfdm, laughing, looking, making friends, making out, making people laugh, mc chris, meaning, midtown, miniatures, movies, music, my chemical romance, nerdcore, new jersey, new jersey city university, njcu, north bergen, november, orks, painting, perfect circle, peruvians, pez, pictures, pipes, playing, poison the well, randomness, rap, raves, reading, ren and stimpy, saves the day, science fiction, scorpio, screamo, seeing things, sex, shopping, slave labor, sneakers, spanish, stupid shit, taking back sunday, teams, the cure, the get up kids, the movielife, thinking, thrice, thursday, tool, touching, trip hop, twilight zone, underoath, union city, wakefield, warhammer 40k, warhammer fantasy battles, work, working out, writing, zombies